Training, Teaching and Investigations


Roger Jacobs has led investigations at major institutions while in practice. As employment counsel for the NJ Turnpike Authority he supervised and conducted hundreds of employee investigations into workplace conduct. Building upon his early experience as a prosecutor he can narrow in on issues of concern and help parties work to a resolution. He has conducted investigations for numerous public and private companies and has also guided individuals when seeking to augment or negotiate individual agreements. His attention to detail in understanding the facts guides his analysis for the parties and ultimately, if necessary in decision making as a neutral.


Roger Jacobs developed the training protocols at NJ Turnpike Authority when Jacobs Rosenberg served as employment counsel. Conducting and supervising training for every employee in workplace law and discrimination issues was a regular part of the firm’s practice. He also conducted, for example, affirmative action training for management at the Newark Public schools; Morris County; and Newark Housing Authority.


Roger Jacobs was on the faculty at Fordham Law School for twelve years. He taught a class in negotiations and bargaining which included segments on arbitration and bargaining simulations. Actual case studies were used including a discussion of Airstream v. NLRB, a case he successfully argued in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also taught for more than twenty years for Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations and focused on dealing with troubled employees and dealing with the realities of the ADA.
Mr. Jacobs taught at New York Law School and primarily focused on issues of employment discrimination.

He served on the faculty for the NYU Annual Conference on Labor Law and taught multiple workplace subjects for the Cornell/ILR extension program.

He has authored several texts regarding labor and employment and serves on the Editorial Boards of the Labor Law Journal, Employee Relations Law Journal and Alternatives (CPR).